“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming, the famous statistician and author once said. These words might be ringing true today, more than ever before for event professionals in meetings and discussions with top stakeholders in their organizations. They are getting access to a treasure trove of analytics thanks to rapidly evolving event technology.

But the newfound access to rich data and analytics has created new challenges for event professionals to connect the dots amid a sea of data, break it down by segment and figure out where to double down to drive maximum ROI. 

The range of questions that event professionals will be getting, can be ever-increasing. Is our audience engaged with our brand? How qualified was the audience that attended our last event? Is the engagement at a session creating the impact we want? Will it lead to sales? Which prospects should our sales team focus on?.. And so on. 

Ticket sales and lead count won’t cut it anymore. The good news is that depending on the technology in use, you can gather granular data around key aspects that will help you answer a wide range of questions around audience engagement, sponsorship enablement, session engagement, and event experience, to name a few.

So where do you start? What data should you look at and how do you act on insights derived from it? 

With the power of their leading virtual event platform, the team at Hubilo is building rich experience by working with industry-leading brands like DWTC, GITEX, InfoComm, Belcorp to deliver the most engaging events.


Wed, Nov 10

12:00 PM


3 Speakers

Joseph Colangelo
Joseph Colangelo

CEO & Co-Founder at Bear Analytics Inc.

Liesl Perez
Liesl Perez

Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Hubilo

Michael Arp
Michael Arp

President at Bright AV


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TSNN Webinar Series | How to Use Event Data to Drive ROI

Nov 10, 2021