This is an in-person event, to be held at Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. 

Throughout history, voyagers have sailed out into the open oceans in search of treasures and stories yet untold. Their dauntlessness was greatly rewarded, not least with spices, precious stones, and pearls of wisdom. 

Governments have taken a similar journey over the past two years. They have weathered the storm, braved mounting challenges and charted the path to progress and recovery. 

This July 13-14, GovInsider's Festival of Innovation dives deep into the innovations that have not just kept nations afloat, but helping them ride the waves. Join leaders from all over the world to explore the greatest successes in government. 

Meet with fellow dreamers and doers in person for a grand adventure of public sector innovation, covering finance, sustainability, design, healthcare and more.

GovInsider's Festival of Innovation 2022

Jul 13 - 14, 2022