ACTO’s having a party, and you’re invited!

Eight hundred and twenty four (824). 

As of June 15, that’s how many days it will have been since the World Health Organization named COVID a Pandemic and we stopped living our old lives. 

In those 824 days we’ve reinvented ourselves and our training programs multiple times and in multiple ways. We’ve gone virtual, worked and taught from home, and skipped travel. 

As the school year ends in the northern hemisphere and vaccination rates in some countries inch over 75%, we sense much pent-up demand for holidays. 

To open up our calendars, we moved our annual conference to September and we’re holding a party to send you on your way for the vacation season. 

Join us to kick off ACTO’s program year and a quick look at what’s coming your way in September.




Wed, Jun 15

11:00 AM

11:30 AM

12:30 PM


Jun 15, 2022